Established in 1987,  Lien'A started its first manufacturing facility of 100% natural latex foam products in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to serve the local and regional market. It has since grown steadily to be one of the leading manufacturers of natural latex mattress, pillow & interior products recognized for its quality and consistency.

For more than 30 years, Lien'A’s products and services have successfully gained the trust of customers from over 40 countries such as USA, Switzerland, France, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, amongst many others.

Vision & Mission


Lien'A is committed to fulfill its mission "FRESHEN YOUR LIVING", by providing innovative, international quality product. We aimed to bring the most convenient and optimal solutions for resting and sleeping spaces.

By abiding to our core values, we will continuing  develop better quality and innovative products and services to meet the growing demends or our customers and to be the best sleep solution providers.


Our Facilities

Lien'A has three production facilities in Vietnam to meet the growing demand domestically and from international customers.  We also have 2 warehouses in Oss, Netherlands and California, USA  to allow for quicker reach to customers in both the continents.

With modern production technology and a large pool of skilled workforce, Lien'A is able to produce up to 100,000 pillows and 20,000 mattresses per month. With these capacity, Lien'A supplies all our international customers timely with consistent quality.

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