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Pure Natural Latex Mattresses – Flagship Products Of Vietnam Mattress Industry

Rubber trees were brought to Vietnam by the French at the end of the 19th century, since then the Vietnamese people have become accustomed to planting and harvesting them and developing natural rubber products in their lives, including the habit of sleeping on natural latex mattresses. 

Living in one of the largest plantation areas of rubber trees in the world, the Vietnamese people have found out very much about the benefits of a pure natural latex mattress. Therefore, natural latex mattresses have been very familiar with and cared for the sleep of many family generations in Vietnam. The Vietnamese latex mattress industry has developed strongly and reached the global market with the strength of pure natural latex mattresses.

1. What is a pure natural latex mattress?

Pure natural latex mattress is understood as a mattress that has 100% material made from natural rubber, without any other materials or synthetic rubber. This type of mattress is produced from the process of converting natural latex (liquid sap extracted from rubber trees) into latex foam by the Dunlop or Talalay process.

On the market, you can find out some types of latex mattresses that used materials of synthetic latex for easier process and lower production cost. There are also hybrid latex mattress models that are combined layers of natural latex with memory foam or coil springs to create a variety of lying experiences, suitable for many people’s preferences. And the pure natural latex mattress type has been loved by many users because of its irreplaceable advantages.

Natural Latex Harvest

Natural Latex Harvest

2. Benefits of pure natural latex mattresses

Since the first natural latex mattress was created in the early 1930s, people have constantly researched and attested to the outstanding health benefits of natural latex mattresses. Especially, the use of pure natural latex mattresses is becoming increasingly popular and trusted. The main benefits of a pure natural latex mattress include:

- Antibacterial, anti-insect, mold-resistant, completely hypoallergenic

This means that a pure natural latex mattress provides a clean and safe surface for sleeping. Users of all ages from newborn babies to the elderly, and those with sensitive skin or respiratory system can be protected comfortably when sleeping on a pure natural latex mattress.

- Optimally supported, comfortable

The instantaneous elasticity of natural rubber makes latex mattresses almost immediately adapt to the shape, weight, and movement of your body and brings the comfortable feeling at the moment you lay your back on the mattress.

- Body pressure and pain relieved

The softness and elasticity of natural latex helps maintain body balance in all positions and support corresponding to the weight of each body part. As a result, the pressure on the bones and the joints is released, the spinal discs can 'breathe', recover and help to alleviate back, shoulder, and hip pain.

This advantage makes pure natural latex mattresses being recommended for patients undergoing physical therapy for joint-related issues.

- Durable, easy for maintenance

A natural latex mattress can keep its shape and effective performance for decades and be a lasting companion to your good night's sleep. With its anti-dust, resistant to the mold and insect nesting properties, the latex mattress is also easy to store in the unused time.

- Eco-friendly

As a completely natural product with recyclable and biodegradable ability, pure natural latex mattress makes you feel safe to own and your family without worrying about the consequences to the living environment. In addition, rubber trees during the life cycle of 25-30 years are planted for the harvest of latex to make mattresses, also play a significant role in converting a large amount of oxygen into the atmosphere every year.

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Lien ‘A Pure Natural Latex Mattress

Lien ‘A Pure Natural Latex Mattress

3. Choose to buy pure natural latex mattresses from brands specializing in natural latex

Lien ‘A is a leading latex mattress manufacturer in Vietnam with 36 years of experience in this field. The company has expanded its product range to many sleep care products such as blankets, pillows, and household furniture. However, natural latex mattresses are still spearhead products and constantly researched, invested and improved.

Lien ‘A only focuses on producing pure natural latex mattresses without synthetic latex. The company invests in the optimized automatic production system, pushing the criteria of quality, safety and technique to a high scale, meeting all strict evaluation standards of reputable independent organizations worldwide such as LGA Tested Quality and ECO Tested Product. The natural latex mattress production system of Lien ‘A is certificated by ISO14001 certification for a clean, safe and eco-friendly production process. A part of Lien ‘A pure natural latex mattresses are also labeled by GOLS as an organic natural latex mattress and has been exported to 45 countries globally.

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Lien ‘A Certification System

Lien ‘A Certification System

LIEN 'A is now considered to be a 100% natural latex mattress brand that has been recognized across Vietnam for more than 35 years thanks to its outstanding quality, as evidenced by its reputation as one of the region's top businesses. LIEN 'A is always innovating, studying, and enhancing products to achieve new levels, reaching out to the world, and exporting to over 45 countries.

Customers who are interested in LIEN 'A products can look for them via the information below:

Besides its dedication to 100% natural latex materials, LIEN 'A has devoted more than 35 years to the blanket and pillow business focusing on the attention to detail at each point in the process. 100% of goods are tested and assessed to assure output quality at a reasonable price.  LIEN 'A is always creating, developing, and perfecting products to reach out to the globe, exporting to more than 45 countries, with a base of high-quality Vietnamese products that always aim to overcome international standards.

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