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How to Buy Vietnamese Organic Latex Mattress

Vietnam is one of the top three countries for the supply of natural latex in the world with a large rubber plantation area under Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme (VFCS) accredited by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), ensuring commitments on sustainable development for the environment, economy and society. With the availability of abundant pure latex materials, local mattress manufacturers have had a long history of development including towards the production of organic natural latex mattresses in Vietnam.

Have you ever thought that owning a Vietnamese organic natural latex mattress will bring refreshment of the whole green tropical forest to your bedroom? It is a unique and fantastic experience that you should try once in a life.


Vietnamese rubber plantation

Vietnamese rubber plantation


How to find the best Vietnamese organic latex mattress

Each Vietnamese organic latex mattress for exporting always undergoes a stringent evaluation process to meet international quality standards. Hereby, product size, packaging and storing are all standardized according to worldwide conventional parameters to bring convenience and optimal shopping and usage experience to users anywhere throughout the world.

The remaining point is to choose the most proper organic latex mattress for your favor. Here are a few suggestions on how to choose a Vietnamese organic latex mattress for your most comfortable and satisfactory rest.


1. Priority for products with international certifications for technical criteria, safety and environmental sustainability.


The system of prestigious international certificates is the good filter that helps you approach safe, qualified and environmentally friendly products. All Lien ‘A organic latex mattresses are made from 100% natural latex in conformity with GOLS, LGA Tested Quality, and ECO certificates for comprehensive quality, optimal durability and elasticity, safe and non-toxic to human health and environment. In addition, Lien ‘A factory has been also recognized as a clean, safe and sustainably developmental manufacturing system by ISO 14001 certification.


Lien A’s certification system

Lien A's certification system


2. Choose an organic natural latex mattress suitable for the climate and environment of your living


Natural latex has anti-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-mold and anti-insect properties. This is absolutely an advantage when using organic natural latex mattress in hot, humid climate and dusty environment. The L'ADOME GREY mattress even doubles its anti-bacterial power, deodorizing and purifying your bedroom thanks to a combination of natural latex and activated charcoal.


L'A Dome Grey Mattress


For those who have a high body temperature, or get hot and sweaty during sleeping, then L'ADOME COOL will help keep the mattress surface always cool and rapidly release moisture by integrating COOLADAPTTM technology into the mattress cover fabrics.


L’A Dome Cool Mattress

L'A Dome Cool Mattress


3. Buy Vietnamese organic natural latex mattress at your local stores


Even if you have never been to Vietnam as well as do not understand well about Vietnamese mattress manufacturers, you can still see, touch and try a Vietnamese organic natural latex mattress at your places. Vietnamese brand mattress products today have been present in lots of countries.


Lien ‘A, in particular, is a mattress manufacturer with over 35 years of experience, currently a pioneer brand in exporting Vietnamese organic natural latex mattresses to international markets. Lien ‘A natural latex mattresses has reached out to 45 countries, covered major markets in Asia, Europe and Americas, which is convenient for the introduction of products at the points of sale and efficient for delivery to customers in these markets. You can search for Vietnamese organic natural latex mattresses at some supermarkets, large stores of household commodities.


The store of Moon Dios (strategic partner of Lien ‘A at Taiwan)

The store of Moon Dios (strategic partner of Lien 'A in Taiwan)


4. Buy Vietnamese organic latex mattress via E-commerce channel


Nowadays E-commerce channels help shopping easier than ever. Even mattress manufacturers also focus on developing their own online sales and marketing channels. If you would like to find a Vietnamese organic latex mattress, you can directly access to the website of Lien ‘A, in which the product portfolio is eye-catching with clear information and price for your consideration and selection.


With an easy-to-search interface, multi languages as well as each mattress, pillow or bedsheet is illustrated with plenty of pictures at different angles, our website will bring you comprehensive shopping experiences. In addition to that, information about payment, delivery and warranty policies are also conveniently instructed in details. Moreover, you can even converse with company staffs for more detailed advice on the suitable product. As can be seen, direct contacting with the manufacturer obviously will help you receive more accurate and effective consultation.


Lien ‘A online shopping

Lien 'A online shopping


In a nutshell, it’s easy to choose Vietnamese organic natural latex mattress for your family. What are you waiting for now? Promptly upgrade your bedroom for a fresh green relaxing experience. Contact us at for immediate response and support.

LIEN 'A is now considered to be a 100% natural latex mattress brand that has been recognized across Vietnam for more than 35 years thanks to its outstanding quality, as evidenced by its reputation as one of the region's top businesses. LIEN 'A is always innovating, studying, and enhancing products to achieve new levels, reaching out to the world, and exporting to over 45 countries. 

Customers who are interested in LIEN 'A products can look for them via the information below:


Besides its dedication to 100% natural latex materials, LIEN 'A has devoted more than 35 years to the blanket and pillow business focusing on the attention to detail at each point in the process. 100% of goods are tested and assessed to assure output quality at a reasonable price.  LIEN 'A is always creating, developing, and perfecting products to reach out to the globe, exporting to more than 45 countries, with a base of high-quality Vietnamese products that always aim to overcome international standards.

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