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This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) provides information on the way Lien A Co,.Ltd ( herein-after referred to as “Lien A” or “we”) collect, use, disclose, manage and analyze your Personal Information. Please read carefully this Privacy Policy. By accessing our website to register then using any products or services supplied by Lien A, send or provide us any of your information by any other proper methods, we shall regard that you have agreed with this Privacy Policy.

Lien A reserves the right to revise or make change to this Policy at any time without prior notice. The modified or edited Policy will be whenever uploaded on our website. By continuing to access our website and purchasing any service from Lien A, as well as registering any product and service provided by Lien A, sending us your information or any other method showing that you have agreed with the modified or edited Privacy Policy. We recommend your regular check for current content update.

1. Personal Information

1.1. In this Privacy Policy, “Personal information” stands for any data related to any individual that helps identifies a specific or unidentifiable individual.

1.2. Examples for Personal information you can provide us: depending on your interaction scope and specifications, the provided data include name, email address, delivery address, phone number, nationality or other identity papers’ number, your network and any other Personal information you provided us via sending or other interactive media.

2. How We Collect Personal Information

2.1. Lien A can collect your Personal information in many different ways. We own several automated services so there are possibilities that we shall not recognize when you accidentally provide the incorrect or sensitive information. Accordingly, please pay attention when submitting us your information, especially when you fill in the forms on website or uploading other documents.

2.2. Whenever interacting with Lien A, you can be requested to provide us your Personal information. For example:

a. When you order, purchase, send for repair or return our products either online or offline, we can record phone calls and/or request for your information such as contact information, delivery date, purchase location and payment information;

b. When you contact our customer service center to be supported, we can record phone calls and save related information including your name, your purchased product(s), the reasons why you should contact us and our advices.

c. When you participate in an event or reward competition, we may request for your information such as name, ID number, phone number, contact address;

d. When you use our online services, we may receive the data selected by you for uploading, such as product review and rating;

e. When you send us your personal information for any other purposes.

2.3. If you provide us any Personal information related to a third party (for example: you wife, husband, children, parents, relatives and/or your friends), you literally assure that you have asked for permission from this Third Party for providing us their Personal information for the mentioned purposed in this policy.

2.4. You should assure that all provided Personal information is complete, correct and honest. If you breach the abovementioned terms, we shall be unable of supplying your ordered products and services.

2.5 Our website may give access to, or have links to other websites (“linked websites”). These linked websites are not under Lien A’s management. Lien A only provides links to the websites for your convenient use, and that Lien A provides links to these website does not prove that Lien A takes any responsibility for them or performs any collaboration with that website’s administrator. Therefore, please be noted that your personal information provided for these linked websites in no way lies under the scope of Lien A’s Privacy Policy.

2.6. We will only store your personal information until its necessity for the abovementioned collecting purposes expires. We will notify you when we proceed the deletion of your personal information on our storing system.

3. How We Use Personal Information

3.1. The usual purposes for Lien A’s collecting, using and sharing your Personal information are as follow:

a. Feedback and request, question resolution;

b. Customer service, warranty and other services.

c. Training and quality ensuring for employees, especially for our customer relation employees when making calls, sending emails and other supporting activities;

d. Collecting your opinions on Lien A’s products and services, carrying out product surveys;

e. Organizing sweepstake programs, contest and other promotion programs;

f. Regulating Lien A’s administration and business activities to guarantee the compliance to policies and internal procedures;

g. Supervising or recording calls and customers’ interaction to verify identification, ensure the activities’ quality and assess achieved results;

h. Organizing advertising events;

i. Legitimate purposes (include but not limited to legal consulting and conflict settlement);

j. Conducting investigations relating to conflict, payment or fraud;

k. Responding or complying to any legal regulations issued by competent authorities (include but not limited to responding to requests, disclosing for authorities as in law and conducting the inspection, audition and investigation); And

l. Any purposes that are reasonably related to the above cases.

3.2. With regard to specific product and service or in case of our mutual interaction, we may also notify you about other purposes for which we collect, use or disclose your Personal information. We will collect, use and share your Personal information for these notified additional purposes, except for other special changes that you are also made aware of.

4. How Personal Information Is Disclosed or Transferred

4.1. Lien A shall execute proper and rational administrative measures on commercial activities to protect the Personal information owned by Lien A or control to avoid abuse, loss, disclosure or illegal access.

However, although the system is equipped with many security features along with security technologies, it is impossible to ensure that the transmitted data on the internet are 100% safe. As a result, we can neither entirely guarantee the infinite security of your submitted personal information, nor take the responsibility in case of illegal access to your personal information. If you do not agree with the described terms and this policy, we recommend your second thought or temporary cancellation of the interaction with us.

To a legally-accepted extent, your Personal information may be disclosed for the listed purposes in this policy for the following beneficiaries:

a. Lien A’s collaborated companies, in order to provide information, products and services for you or for Lien A;

b. Agencies, contractors or service suppliers whose roles are third parties supplying services for Lien A;

c. Commercial stores and retailers who supply rewards and promotions for customers;

d. Our professional consulting specialists i.e. auditors, financial consultants and lawyers;

e. After your permission for Lien A to transfer your personal information outside of Vietnam for the above purposes.

5. Personal Information Updating

5.1. In case of your request to

a. Make any question or feedback related to your Personal information or our Privacy Policy;

b. Update or change your personal profile; Please contact us via email: [email protected]

6. Cookies

In order to improve our supplied services for you, we sometimes use “cookie”. Cookie is a file send by our website’s host to your website browser when you access certain sections on our website, which helps us understand your demands and desires for our website. We can use cookies to personalize the content, recommendation, advertisement and contact information provided for you to adjust to your needs and hobbies. For example: you can find an advertisement of a product which was searched by you on our website. Please be well-noted that cookie does not identify the personal user although it defines user’s browser. You can always counteract cookie by changing your browser’s settings. However, cookie counteraction may limit several function and service experiences, and in some cases we cannot supply you with certain services or parts of your ordered services. Some of our business partners who have integrated or linked data to the website can also use cookie. At the same time, we own no access or control over these cookies or linked websites.

7. Children’s Privacy Protection.

We do not intentionally collect, maintain or make use of Personal information of children under 13 years old. If you find your children have provide us their Personal information without your permission, you can inform us via email [email protected], we will promptly conduct necessary actions to delete or adjust these information.

8. Contact

Lien A Co., Ltd

Hotline: 1800 1242 (free charge on incoming call)

Email: [email protected]