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C.FUSION LATEX (activated charcoal latex)

Through the combination of activated charcoal and 100 % natural latex, users are able to enjoy a better quality of sleep (stay longer in their optimal micro-climate comfort-zone) and it further improves the sleep hygienic.

Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis – the heating of wood or other organic materials in the absence of oxygen. The finished charcoal consists largely of carbon.

Activated charcoal is used for many purposes but in recent years, it is widely applied in the health and cosmetic industry. It is produced by heating common charcoal in the presence of a gas that causes charcoal to develop many internal spaces or ‘pores’ that helps trap chemicals or gasses.

Image: Activated charcoal

Applications of activated charcoal:

  • Cosmetic use.

The role of activated charcoal in cosmetics is based on its highly effective absorbing properties at a microscopic-level.

  • Purification and filtration.

Charcoal may be activated to increase its effectiveness as a filter. Activated charcoal adsorbs a wide range of organic compounds dissolved or suspended in gasses and liquids.

  • Health related.

Activated charcoal is available without prescription, so it is used for a variety of health-related applications. For example, it can reduce discomfort due to excessive gas, or a running stomach.

C.Fusion Latex

  • How is C.Fusion made?

C. Fusion latex is produced by infusing activated charcoal into the 100 % natural latex mix before vulcanization. The end result is a 100 % natural latex foam with the activated charcoal bits evenly distributed across the product, so allowing the beneficial properties of activated charcoal to be effective on the whole piece of product.

  • What are the benefits of C.Fusion latex?

C.Fusion latex provides all of the same benefits as the 100 % natural latex, with added benefits, such as, allowing better micro-climate regulation (sleeps cooler, since it wicks away sweat), fresher (eliminates odors), cleaner (adsorbs body toxins through sweat).

  • Why C.Fusion latex?

Through the combination of activated charcoal and 100 % natural latex, users are able to enjoy a better quality of sleep (stay longer in their optimal micro-climate comfort-zone) and it further improves the sleep hygienic.

  • How does C.Fusion works?

Activated Charcoal in the C.Fusion latex has millions of tiny pores structure. This porous texture has a negative electrical charge, which causes to attract positively charged molecules, such as, chemicals and gasses and trap it within the pores.

Proprietary activated charcoal formula

Lien ’A developed a proprietary activated charcoal formula, which contains nearly 20 % silica and is present in a hydrated amorphous form. On thermal treatment, the silica converts to crystallite, which is a crystalline form a silica. However, under controlled burning conditions, amorphous silica with high reactivity, ultra-fine size and large surface area is produced. This has superior adsorption properties due to its ultra-fine porous structure.

L'A Dome Grey

Image: C.fusion mattress


Image: C.fusion pillow

100 % Natural C.Fusion Latex:

C.Fusion Latex

  • Is Hypoallergenic.
  • Has Excellent moisture management
  • Eliminates odors
  • Regulates temperature for cooler sleep

Best suited for people sensitive to smell and prone to allergies.


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL activated charcoal C.Fusion latex mattress C.Fusion latex pillow C.Fusion latex

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