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What is the prominent feature of 100% natural latex mattress?

Comfortable sleep, environmental friendliness, safety for health and durability are brief description about natural latex mattresses. If this is not convincing enough to you, let's learn about this well-liked type of mattresses.

Currently, there are many types of mattresses used by people over the world, they are made from diverse materials either artificial or natural. Depending on local culture, personal preference or the surrounding environment, people can choose a suitable mattress for themselves. In general, the sustainable development is the trend throughout the world, it turns out that natural materials such as wool, cotton, coir, cashmere, natural latex will be preferred for sleeping products, and natural latex mattress can be regarded as the typical products to take care of people’s sleep by the concept to bring the fresh green nature to your bedroom. This is a mattress type that is considered suitably for the majority of users of all ages, adapting to all kinds of weather, preferences and sleep positions. Natural latex mattresses are also recommended for people with joint problems, back pain, and spine problems.

Natural Latex Harvest

Natural Latex Harvest


Comfortable sleep, environmental friendliness, safety for health and durability are brief description about natural latex mattresses. If this is not convincing enough to you, let's learn about this well-liked type of mattresses.

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Distinguish natural latex mattresses from synthetic latex mattresses and hybrid latex mattresses

You will see many types of latex mattresses at stores, and they are not the same. A natural latex mattress has ingredients from 100% natural rubber latex, which are harvested from the rubber trees planted in accordance with sustainable planning. A natural latex mattress is made from a monolithic latex core via the Dunlop or Talalay method.

Meanwhile, a synthetic latex mattress is completely different, mainly made from SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) – a petroleum-based material. There is also a latex mattress type that using blended latex materials (combined natural latex and synthetic latex). These synthetic latex types will be less quality comparing with natural latex in some specific characteristics such as bacterial resistance, purity, safety, and non-toxicity. The structure of synthetic latex is not as uniform as in natural latex despite of their elasticity.

For a hybrid latex mattress, you'll find a combination of natural latex layer – usually on the top – with different foam materials layers. That means a hybrid latex mattress is not 100% natural materials like a natural latex mattress. As a result, the sleeping experience will be different.

Natural Latex Mattress Production

Natural Latex Mattress Production


What is the prominent feature of 100% natural latex mattress?

So, what are the unique advantages of natural latex mattresses that make more and more families trust and use them?

1. Absolutely safe and good for health

Natural latex mattress is considered the cleanest and freshest sleeping mattress, completely natural and safe. The rubber latex liquid was extracted from mature trees by the standard techniques, then put into an impurities and unpleasant odors rejection process before the foaming and latex core shaping process. During the mattress production stages, there is almost no use of chemicals and it is based on the natural materials.

Therefore, natural latex mattresses are absolutely safe for newborns, elderlies and even the people with the sensitization of skin or respiratory organs.

In addition, natural latex mattresses also have the bacterium, mildew and insect resistance and fire-retardant ability. The mattresses ensure you and your family having safe and clean resting moments without worrying about skin allergies, odor allergies or problems of the respiratory system.

Natural Latex Mattress safe for babies

Natural Latex Mattress safe for babies


The manufacturer, Lien ‘A, even pushed the safety for health of natural latex mattresses to a higher standard when applying C. FUSIONLATEXTM technology to transmit activated charcoal into natural latex, creating the model L'ADOME GREY mattress doubles its antibacterial and deodorizing ability.

l'a dome grey

L’A Dome Grey Mattress


2. Optimal support, helping to reduce body pain

The elasticity of natural latex is a natural gift given to humans, helping people have a comfortable and pleasant sleep to recover their health during the night. As soon as you sink into the latex mattress, the soft mattress surface absorbs the entire weight of your body and almost instantly supporting lifts your body gently. You still have a firm, balanced fulcrum while the body is released from all pressure and the painful parts are soothed.

A natural latex mattress brings a complete rest experience for both body and mind. That is the hard-to-replace charm of this mattress type. Especially for the elderlies, people with bone and joint problems, back pains, spondylolisthesis, or tired manual workers, natural latex mattresses are really the ideal sleeping and healing solution.

Even for the babies who need careful care for their body development, natural latex mattresses are recommended to create a balanced surface and suitable firmness for bone development while still take a loving care of the babies’ delicate skin.

Natural Latex Mattress contour and support body

Natural Latex Mattress contour and support body


3. Cool, durable, easy to clean

Natural latex mattresses have open-cell structure by using minuscule air bubbles, and are able to push the inner air circulation. In addition, the dense ventilated pinholes system on the mattress surface likes thousands of open windows of the mattress used for your sleeping all night. You will not have night sweats in the hot summer when sleeping on a 100% natural latex mattress. That means you can use a natural latex mattress for all four seasons of the year.

If you are worrying about your night sweats, you should choose L'ADOME COOL or L'ADOME BLUE latex mattresses with integrated COOLADAPTTM mattress surface cooling technology. Accordingly, the mattress covered fabric layer is able to prevent sweat from permeating the mattress by pushing moisture onto the surface of the fabric and causing them to evaporate quickly. That keeps the mattress surface cool throughout the night.

Natural latex materials are anti-dust and prevent the development of bed mites, partly bring peace of mind for sleep. It is also quite easy for cleaning the mattress, just by patting both sides and wiping the surfaces with a clean towel. With wet stains or yellow stains on the mattress surface, you can clean it with baking soda or alcohol to restore it to its original situation. The mattress is clean again with the quality like new and accompanies with your family's good sleep for decades.

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Natural Latex Tapping from Rubber Tree

L’A Dome Cool Mattress


4. Eco-friendly

Raw materials of the production of natural latex mattresses are the rubber sap harvested from the rubber tree. The rubber trees without any cutting or damages throughout the extraction period can supply latex milk for 25 - 30 years. During that process, rubber forests constantly contribute to the oxygen providing in the atmosphere and the soil erosion prevention.

In the natural latex mattress producing process, responsible manufacturers like Lien A almost eliminate all elements harmful to the environment, build a clean and environmentally friendly production system (proved by the certificate ISO14001).

Natural latex mattresses are biodegradable. This ensures the natural latex mattresses which are no longer in use will not be in landfills for many years and cause the environmental damages even the case they do not recycle.

Therefore, when choosing to use a natural latex mattress, you are also contributing to the protection of not only your but also the future generations’ living environment.

With the preeminent features, the natural latex mattresses are quite high price. However, the good news is that you can use this mattress for up to a decade with stable quality. You spend an initial amount and it will save your costs later, while ensuring a long-term health care for the whole family and contributing to environmental protection. It is really a worthy investment.

L’A Dome Cool Mattress

Natural Latex Tapping from Rubber Tree

LIEN 'A is now considered to be a 100% natural latex mattress brand that has been recognized across Vietnam for more than 35 years thanks to its outstanding quality, as evidenced by its reputation as one of the region's top businesses. LIEN 'A is always innovating, studying, and enhancing products to achieve new levels, reaching out to the world, and exporting to over 45 countries.

Customers who are interested in LIEN 'A products can look for them via the information below:

Besides its dedication to 100% natural latex materials, LIEN 'A has devoted more than 35 years to the blanket and pillow business focusing on the attention to detail at each point in the process. 100% of goods are tested and assessed to assure output quality at a reasonable price.  LIEN 'A is always creating, developing, and perfecting products to reach out to the globe, exporting to more than 45 countries, with a base of high-quality Vietnamese products that always aim to overcome international standards.

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